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Our law firm is devoted to helping people in our community with every aspect of the real estate process. Locklin, Saba, Locklin & Jones, PA, is a team of attorneys who live and work in northern Santa Rosa. With decades of experience and commitment to client results, we are uniquely qualified to help with your real estate legal concerns, including the closing.

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about real estate closings. For answers to your specific concerns and questions, call our Pace office for an appointment at 850-665-2856.

Real Estate Closing FAQs

Our firm has the only board-certified real estate attorney in North Santa Rosa County. Our goal is to provide cost-effective legal solutions to clients facing concerns related to real estate law. As locals, we understand the market and the challenges you may face. We are the only real estate lawyers with a permanent presence in the area, and we are able to answer your questions, including these frequently asked questions about closings:

  • Why Do I Need A Realtor? Realtors are experienced professionals, and they can provide valuable services for buyers and sellers. They tend to get more money for their clients or secure better deals.
  • Why Use An Attorney? An attorney can help you avoid problems that can delay closing and cost you more money, as well as complete paperwork and deal with title matters.
  • What Is Title Insurance? Title insurance essentially protects the buyer and lender against defects with the property or problems that affect the transfer of property ownership.
  • What Do I Need To Close? Important paperwork, title research and other tasks must be completed before closing. Working with a lawyer can ensure that you have everything you need.
  • What Do I Need At The Closing? You will need valid identification and wiring of money at closing, as well as to be personally present if possible.
  • What Do I Need Prior To Closing? You will need to complete mortgage paperwork, have the money for closing costs, have appropriate insurance policies in place and take other steps that depend on your individual situation.
  • What Is Florida Homestead, And How Do I Apply? You can apply for homestead if the property you are buying will be your permanent residence and you have lived there for one year. This allows you exemption from certain property taxes up to $50,000.

Our lawyers can assist you with everything you need to purchase or sell property, including preparing for closing, applying for certain tax exemptions and much more.

Do Not Buy Or Sell Without Our Help

Buying or selling a residential property in Florida or Alabama is an important legal and financial step. It is prudent to have experienced guidance every step of the way. Contact our office at 850-665-2856 or email to make an appointment for a case evaluation.