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What Estate Planning Tools Do You Need For The Future?

At Locklin, Saba, Locklin & Jones, PA, we help our clients craft estate plans that will provide benefits and protections for the future. We accomplish this by listening carefully to your goals and using tools to address specific concerns and unique goals. We will employ our resources, knowledge of Florida law and experience to benefit you during the estate planning process.

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Every estate plan is different, which is why it is important to seek personal legal guidance when creating yours. We start by drafting a will, then adding other protections you may need to look to the future with confidence. Before you make important decisions about your future, allow our team to evaluate your case and explain your options.

The Right Tools For You

Our lawyers help clients by listening to their goals and concerns for the future. Some of the specific estate planning tools you may need include:

  • A will: Every person can benefit from the protection of a will, no matter the size of his or her estate. Dying without a will can cause complications for loved ones, and the state will decide what to do with your assets.
  • A living will: This is a document that allows you to decide what kind of medical care you may want in case you are unable to speak for yourself due to injury or illness.
  • Powers of attorney: You can name a person to make decisions for you in case you cannot speak for yourself. A financial power of attorney will make money-related decisions. A health care power of attorney will name a person to make medical decisions for you pertaining to issues not specifically mentioned in a living will.

We have extensive experience with these legal concerns, and we will help you make smart decisions for your long-term interests. We can also explain the benefits and differences when looking at wills vs. trusts.

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